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Oak Park Commons Concept June 2022

These drawings offer the architects preliminary drawings of floor plans and elevations. It does not include the room interior details besides walls nor does it program the important common space design. This will happen in the next several months. 

buillding elevation north & west faces.jpg

Juliette balconies Westside & 5'X7' balconies South & Eastside. Colors will change.

fifth floor plan.jpg

Common area allows for family style meals 2-3 times weekly, special celebrations and group events. Special rooms for children, entertainment and practice (musical & otherwise). Large roof garden balancing vegetable farming, flowers, ground cover and small trees!

second-fourth floor plans.jpg

1,2&3 bedroom units, ADA accessible, one elevator, each unit has kitchen, washer/dryer, all electric except for central gas water heating. 

first floor plan 6_18_22.jpg

27 parking spots, some plugs for electric cars, one spot/household - more based on availability/ room for bikes, not heated, back alley access. Commercial space for sale/rent.

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