Oak Park group signing up families for what might be state's first 'cohousing' site

Oak Leaves, Monday April 29, 2019

Tabling at the Sugarbeet Food Coop
April 2019

     Organizers of an Oak Park cohousing effort are working to bolster membership as they aim to become the first cohousing community in the state.

     Since the effort in the west suburban community was kicked off slightly more than a year go, Susan Stall said they’ve had 10 households commit to the cohousing project and hope to have 15 by fall.

     “We see that as a minimum amount to go forward and look for a site,” said Stall. She and her husband, Charlie Hoch, are one of the founding households of the local movement.

     They hope to find a site, design and construct the building in the next couple of years. Stall says it’s on track to become the first cohousing development in Illinois, and that’s in line with Oak Park’s history and values.

     | Caitlin Mullen/Pioneer Press

Co-housing comes to Oak Park

Group seeks to create affordable, multi-generational community within a community Wednesday Journal Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

     Susan Stall (far left) and her husband, Charlie Hoch (far right), formed the Multi-Generational Co-Housing Group in Oak Park, trying to gather like-minded people to build an alternative housing community in the village. Jane Zawadowski (second from right) and her daughter, Ysa, who are members of the group, like co-housing's principles of shared values and sense of community.

      | Alexa Rogals/Staff Photographer